Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sloths and Sluggards


Unless you are a sloth, you are unlikely to want to associate with one, because there is nothing attractive or endearing about the animal or a human who is slothful. Who would want to have a reputation for being a sloth or a sluggard?

A sloth is a slow moving mammal that lives in the tropical forests of Central and South America. They spend most of their time sleeping while sprawled on a branch of a tree.

Laziness is equated with slothfulness and indolence. A sluggard is a habitually lazy person; one who is sluggish. Who would want to resemble a slug?

Slowthful - Proverbs 18:9

Sluggard – Proverbs 6:6,9

Lazy – Proverbs 10:26; 12:24,27; 13:4; 15:19; 19:24; 20:4; 21:25; 22:13; 24:30; 26:13,14,15,16






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Unknown said...

Hello Bill, sentiments shared regarding slugs, but my hens just love 'em. Everytime I move the coop they're poised waiting to rake through the grass in search of one of their favourite tit-bits.