Monday, June 02, 2014

Decorating the Bathroom

Most things in the bathroom are fixed; therefore there is little to do by way of decorating. Apart from the ceiling, every surface is tiled; therefore, all I had to do was to prepare and paint the ceiling. This meant applying masking tape to tiles where they came into contact with the ceiling, and sanding a small area that was slightly stained. I also had to apply masking tape to five chromium plated light fixtures.

I had some Dulux White Magic paint left over from when I decorated the back bedroom. Rather than applying paint with a roller, as was the case with the bedroom, I used a brush instead. That’s because I would not have been able to manoeuvre a roller around the light fittings without painting them too!

I like Dulux White Magic paint, because when freshly applied, it has a pink hue that disappears as it dries. For as long as the paint remains moist, I can see where I may have missed.

The end result, when the masking tape was removed, was very satisfactory. One coat of paint was quite sufficient, and it should last for two or three years.

My wife was pleased, which means the job was worthwhile. I doubt I would have bothered, if it had been up to me; therefore it’s a good thing she keeps me up to the mark. I tend not to do such things, unless I deem them absolutely necessary.


Dulux White Magic Paint

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