Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting Back on the Horse – Part 2

Thanks guys for contributing: Steve and Richard. I’ve made note of your helpful comments: Steve, on the doubtfulness of spending a long time self-analysing - instead, get on with it, and Richard advises I should listen to my feelings and act accordingly.

Both of you advocate I should take ‘action’, which is in accord with my conclusion to yesterday’s post.  I should get back on the horse to find out if my desire for sailing can be rekindled.

If I were to act on feelings alone, I would not remount the horse.

When there’s time to think before acting, it is better to do so, but where the pros and cons are of equal worth, feelings may influence the outcome.

My lack of desire for sailing is at the heart of the matter, and the objective of any action is to discover if it can be rekindled.

It seems to me that I shall have to give it a go. To that end I’ve put my left foot in the stirrup by bringing ‘Minnow’ from her boathouse to the driveway for an airing. When an opportunity arises, I’ll swing my right leg over the horse, and with both feet firmly in the stirrups, I’ll nudge the flanks with my knees, shake the reins and get off to a canter.

Well, we’ll see - maybe, I’ll fall off, and never want to ride again.


Steve Carey said...

She looks even more desirable fully rigged and out in the sunshine. Get going while the weather is nice.

I've got my marching orders Bill. I had a phone call a week ago telling me my op will be on the 26th . . . but this morning another call from the Hospital saying they will have a bed for me and could do my op in a few days time. I have to go down there tomorrow and see what gives. Not sure when I will be out but I gather it's a 2-3 week stay!


Paul Mullings said...

Just thinking out loud Bill and with reference to your issues with strength re. boat retrieval and anchor weighing. The retrieval would be made easy with a power winch on the trailer and knowing your engineering excellence perhaps you could devise an anchor winch that utilises a cordless drill as it's power source?
Just thinking!
All the very best Paul.

Unknown said...

Hello again Bill, I have to say the sight of 'Minnow' rigged and ready to go is an inspiring one.
I love how the sail sets so beautifly.
I also have to say that I'm impressed with Paul Mullings's ideas about labour saving in order to make things easier for you, although I would always temper that with 'what would I do if the technology failed?'

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

Bill, why not consider taking a sailing buddy with you? Obviously there isn't enough space in Minnow, but how about tagging along with someone in a separate boat?
Maybe a new sailor that could benefit from your knowledge and is still a bit timid of going out due to lack of experience? That way if either of you have any difficulty you can help each other.

That way you mutually benefit.