Sunday, June 29, 2014

Richard Guziewicz's Wood Duck Kayak

Richard Guziewicz, in addition to building ‘Brina’,* a Paul Fisher 50/50 decked paddling and sailing canoe has also built an Eric Schade Wood Duck kayak to which he has added a Michael Storer sailing rig. He says he enjoys sailing both of them, but he finds the 50/50 is more suitable for fishing on account of her larger cockpit, and better for sailing because of being more stable.

He has deliberately capsized the Wood Duck ‘Fabio’ for practising re-entry, at which he was successful, and he plans to take ‘Brina’ to a shallow lake for practising re-entry too. Richard is based in France and sails on his local river, the Tarn.

When you see photos of his 50/50 and his Wood Duck, you can appreciate the attention he gives to detail. He has started building a Matt Layden Paradox, which undoubtedly will be an excellent example, and I hope he will derive great pleasure from doing it, just as I did when I builtEric ‘Faith’. I also hope he will have fantastic times sailing her.


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