Sunday, November 03, 2013

'Minnow's' Small Part

I have had a mixed day with mixed blessings. 'Minnow', or more correctly her trailer, played a small part in enriching my day.

An early morning start saw me and my wife at my daughter's place. The original plan was to take the grandchildren to church, but as one of them was unwell, it was better for them to stay with my wife while I went to church. She supervised and entertained them when they were not engaged in activities of their own making. I was free for morning worship, and what a blessing it proved to be. I came away with peace and contentment in my heart.

After lunch I had a little bit of physical activity - almost enough to bring on a sweat, and it came about because it was necessary for me to saw off the second of two extenders to 'Minnow's' trailer's bow crutch. Unless it was removed, I would not be able to adjust the height of the trailer's tow bar because the extender prevented the worm screw winder from rotating.

The physical exercise was a blessing, and I gained satisfaction from having achieved my goal of making the trailer viable and shorter.

Back at my daughter's place I took great pleasure in teaching the children as they completed their homework.

I always find it rewarding when I see 'sparks' of understanding evidenced by their gleeful faces. With each spark of comprehension they advance in knowledge and self-empowerment. More importantly they are being equipped with tools for enriching their lives and the lives of others. They do not live in isolation; therefore they must learn the hard lesson that what they do often affects others. They have corporate lives and they must be respectful of others. The lack of respect for others is the modern malaise and a significant factor in the breakdown of society.

1Peter 2:17 'Honour all people. Love the Brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.'

At this moment I do not have access to my Internet supplier; therefore the photos are larger than usual, because I am uploading them via my blog app. on my iPhone.

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