Wednesday, November 06, 2013

'Minnow's' Anchors and Trailer


Two things were accomplished today: I checked the anchor stowage, and I lowered the forward roller unit on the trailer.

The boat now sits nicely on all four banks of rollers, and her bow snugly fits into the yoke. When her battery and forward ballast is in place she will be loaded correctly for trailing. I checked with De Graaff trailers about how much downward thrust there should be on the trailer coupling. They said there should be no more than 73 kilos and preferably not be less than 50 kilos. 30 kilos could be sufficient, but they would not recommend it. Downward thrust is measured with a bathroom scale.

I shall have to buy 30 metres of warp for the 8 kilos Bruce anchor, and 5 metres of ¼ inch galvanized chain for the same anchor. Apart from obtaining the chain and warp, I only have to make a rode extender for anchoring the boat from the bow. The rode extender is a length of rope shackled to the bow, and about two thirds of its length from the bitter end there is another shackle to which the anchor cable is made fast; that enables ‘Minnow’s’ crew to stand in her hatchway when setting and retrieving her bower or kedge anchors.

‘Minnow’s’ under floor stowage for anchors, chains and warps is excellent. Slatted flooring enables air to circulate and light to enter; consequently there is less chance for the growth of mildew.

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