Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Depth Sounder for 'Minnow'

It’s the time of year when autumn leaves cover my garden. Action was required to get rid of them. Therefore I took the opportunity to exercise my body by disposing of them in the green waste bin.

While I laboured with a rake and a garden vacuum cleaner, I exercised my mind by pondering ‘Minnow’s’ lack of a depth sounder. I have a lead and line for taking soundings, but finding depths by this old-fashioned method is not as convenient as by an electronic sounder. Observing a series of readings on a digital screen requires little effort.

Focussing on the subject, I considered the possibility of installing a NASA Marine Sting Ray sounder I have, but it lacks a power cable and a transducer. By comparison with modern sounders, it looks old-fashioned. Modern digital sounders are more compact, more precise, and they are easier t read.

Nevertheless, I may install my Sting Ray if I can obtain the missing components for only a few pounds.


Paul Mullings said...

I would imagine the old Nasa would be pretty power hungry compared to today's technology?

William Serjeant said...


That is true, but I seldom have the depth sounder on.