Monday, November 04, 2013

'Minnow's' Road Trailer Again

As I no longer required ‘Minnow’s’ trolley I took it apart and cut the wooden planks into sections for chocking up her road trailer. They will be useful for supporting the trailer when it is not being used during the winter. This will be essential to relieve loading on the tyres and springs, because tyres can be misshapen and springs weakened if they remain under load for several months.

The axle of ‘Minnow’s’ road trailer was too far forward; therefore the downward thrust at the coupling was insufficient. To rectify the matter I chocked up the trailer, undid nuts from four u-bolts securing the axle carriage, and moved it 17 centimetres towards the rear or the trailer. I tightened the u-bolts and removed the chocks. The balance for towing seemed better, but I shall have to check with De Graaff Trailers to make sure that the hitch loading is correct. I believe it should be 10% of the combined weight of the trailer and the boat. I have a feeling that I shall have to move the axle even further towards the rear for acquiring the correct ball hitch loading.

To make a perfect fit fore and aft to match ‘Minnow’s’ rocker, I shall have to lower the forward set of rollers.

Obviously, more work will be required on the trailer before it is right.

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