Saturday, November 02, 2013

‘Minnow’s’ Rudder etc

Today I fitted the rudder and tiller, thereby increasing the length of the boat to the extent that she and her trailer just fit in the garage when placed diagonally. To make a more compact package I shunted the tow bar towards the rear of the trailer, and the bow crutch forward. This shortened the overall length of the package by six inches. Part of the problem with the tight fit was because I could not raise the rudder into the vertical position on account of the upper gudgeon being in the way. A countersunk fitting would solve the problem.

It would have been necessary for me to retract the tow bar, irrespective of the rudder, because I shall be mounting an outboard bracket on the transom.

I am halfway through shortening the twin extenders of the bow crutch. I sawed about seven inches off the nearside one, and perhaps tomorrow I’ll do likewise to offside extender. Unless they are shortened, the jockey wheel unit’s handle cannot be fully rotated.

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