Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ocean Racing

Barcelona World Race Start

'Spartan', sailed by Chris Stanmore-Major, a British competitor in the Velux 5 Oceans Race

I’ve been following the fortunes of ocean racers competing in the Barcelona World Race and the Five Oceans Race. The former is a non-stop race around the world sailing Eco 60s, each yacht manned with a crew of two. The later is a race around the world for solo sailors starting at La Rochelle and finishing there after calling into Cape Town, Wellington, Punta del Este and Charleston. Racers are currently heading for Charleston on the 4th ocean sprint. Competition is intense, and after being at sea for seven days, only 43 miles separates the first from the last. Changeable weather off the Brazilian coast brings an element of unpredictability which means positions could change as one boat is favoured by a wind slant while another may be in calm. Brad van Liew, the veteran American sailor, has been victorious in the previous three sprints and currently leads the pack.

The Barcelona World Race has been a follow the leader affair with Jean-Pierre Dick and Lo├»ck Peyron aboard ‘Verbac -Paprec’ leading the pack. They are on the last part of the race, expecting to arrive at Barcelona in time for breakfast tomorrow morning. Their lead of almost 250 miles over the second placed yacht, ‘Mapfre’, guarantees first place on the podium. Altogether fifteen teams entered yachts for the 25,200 miles race. ‘Renault Z.E,’ is currently in third position, 750 miles behind ‘Verbac-Paprec.


Barcelona World Race

Velux Five Oceans Race

Extreme Sailing

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