Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 66

Epoxy dribbles

After being removed with the rotary sander

There was a change of plans which enabled me to spend most of the morning on the boat. During that time I removed epoxy dribbles from the interior of the hull by using a rotary sander and a file. I also trimmed the bottom panels along the chines. A little bit of sanding of the slot through the bottom of the boat resulted in a very good fit for the drop keel. I’ll need to do more sanding of the slot so that there will be room for applications of epoxy to seal the wood and plywood.

Testing the keel after trimming the chines

This leaves me in a good position for building the interior parts, including a foot steering bar, four wooden brackets for loops of rope that pass through the decks to be used as grips when moving the boat, plus things I mentioned yesterday.

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