Wednesday, April 13, 2011

‘Ladybird’ Ready for the Water

Having more than one person working on ‘Ladybird’ to prepare her for the season before being launched makes things that much easier. Yesterday, my daughter and a friend of hers did a first-class job of antifouling her yacht. Last year and the year before, ‘Ladybird’s’ underwater parts were painted with light blue Flag antifouling. I much prefer the darker blue colour chosen by my daughter, because it contrasts with the white topsides, making them look whiter.

Today I rigged the sails. I hoisted the Genoa in the groove of the rotating luff spar and rolled the sail so that the anti-UV strip would protect it from the devastating effect of sunlight. You’ll note from the photo that the furling line has yet to be fitted to the drum. I also put the sail cover on the mainsail and attached the mainsheet. I left both backstays loosely attached by string to their quarterdeck fittings so that the launching crew could easily release them when the boat is being craned into the water next week.

Before packing up, I checked all the electrics, including the navigation lights. I also put new sealant along the lower edge of the cockpit drain board, and varnished it.

Back at home I filed and sanded the upper parts of ‘Sharpy’s’ keel weights and fitted a sheave on a spindle into her stock for the rudder downhaul line. All in all, it has been a productive day.

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