Saturday, April 23, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 69

Location of the foot steering bar support bracket

Close-up of the support bracket for the foot steering bar

Today it was the turn of the support bracket for the foot steering bar. I did not make it exactly to plan, because I lacked a solid piece of mahogany, but I improvised, and came up with something just as good as shown on the plans, perhaps better – certainly lighter.

The epoxy work was a bit messy; however, when it hardens I’ll be able to clean it up, and when painted, there will be little evidence of any messiness. More important than the appearance is the functional aspect, and I think it will work well.

The plans do not show clearly what is used for the foot bar spindle, but I have inserted a stainless steel bolt into the support bracket which will be very good. I’ll be able to remove the foot bar, if necessary, simply by undoing a nut.

When the epoxy has hardened I shall be able to set up the steering lines, but as I do not have pintles and gudgeons for fixing the rudder, I shall not be able to test the system.

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