Sunday, April 10, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 60

Most of the Chandlery

‘Sharpy’ is not the cheapest 15 foot sailing boat, because of the expense of the keel parts and chandlery. Chandlery alone will set you back about £150.00, and lead for the keel cost me £128.70, even Evo-stik for the keel amounted to just under £60.00.

Here’s a list of chandlery I’ve more or less acquired; I have yet to buy a ball bearing sheave and a swivel fiddle block for the keel hauling line.


1 x Keel Haul Jam Cleat

1 x Halyard Jam Cleat

1 x Keel hold down Jam Cleat

1 x Mast hold down Jam Cleat

2 x Yoke Jam Cleats for the Steering Lines

1 x Jam Cleat for the Boom Kicker

1 x Deck Hook for the Rudder Bungee

1 x Hook on Eye for the Mainsheet Block

1 x Swivel Block for the Mainsheet

2 x Pulleys for the Steering Lines

2 x Pulleys for the Main Halyard

1 x Sheave for the Rudder Downhaul

1 x Ball bearing Sheave for the Keel Haul Line

1x Clevis Pin for the Rudder Downhaul Sheave

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