Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bridport, West Bay, Dorset


Outer Harbour

Cliffs to east

Gig 'Bucky-Doo'

'Bucky-Doo' again

Back from shore leave, I was never far from the coast. In fact, I was at Bridport in Dorset, which has a small harbour, the inner part of which mostly dries at low water. A new pier has much improved facilities for visiting yachtsmen on account of providing space for a floating pontoon which is deployed during the summer months.

When crossing Lyme Bay with various yachts I was never keen to visit the harbour because of its narrow and shallow entrance. Now that it has been improved by the building of a substantial west pier, and dredging for removing silt, I would certainly consider going there.

I was not enamoured with a new building overlooking the Harbour, as it appears to stick out like a ‘monstrous carbuncle’, to use a euphemism coined by Prince Charles in 1974 regarding a proposed extension to the National Gallery.* To my mind, this ugly building does not fit in with the magnificent cliff and beach scenery, and by its very size and structure it destroys the beauty of the place.


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