Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Tony Warren, Marine Artist – Part 1

The Painting

'Cousin Jack'


Tony Warren was a well-known Falmouth artist who was born in 1930 and died 1994. When visiting Falmouth in 1997, I saw a painting of Falmouth working boats on display in a gallery.  It was a limited, printed edition of a watercolour by Tony Warren, and because I liked it so much, I bought it without hesitation.

The painting depicts two Falmouth ‘B’ Class working boats on a broad reach, racing under full sail towards the finish line off the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club – or at least, that’s my interpretation of what is happening.

They are number 14, ‘Cousin Jack’, and number 24, ‘Rebecca’. The artist cleverly captured the atmosphere and light setting so typical of Falmouth on a glorious summer afternoon. He portrayed the excitement of the duel between these vessels as they broad-reached up the Penryn River towards Flushing which is beyond the field of vision to the right.


Tony Warren's Sketchbook 'Falmouth-born Painter of Ships and the Sea'

Tony Warren

Falmouth Working Boats

Falmouth Working Boats

Falmouth Working Boats

‘Cousin Jack’ No 14

‘Rebecca’s’ Page No 24


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, lovely painting. I have a watercolour of a Thames barge by the tide-mill in Woodbridge, by John Sutton, a local artist.
'Sandpiper' went for £680, so the present owner took quite a hit on his purchase price. Apparently he never got to sail her because he couldn't get around in her.....

William Serjeant said...


I was surprised he bought her, because he never went inside the boat before parting with his money.

That was a shame he didn't sail her, because she would have been perfect for Grafham Water.


Unknown said...

My father has a copy of this too!