Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Celebratory Two Thousandth Edition – a Dedication

This is the two thousandth edition of Bill’s Log. I’m celebrating the occasion by dedicating today’s article to my long suffering wife who may see herself as a Blogger’s widow.

The biblical definition of ‘long suffering’ is ‘patient’, and indeed, she is very patient. She has many wonderful attributes. One that gives me great pleasure is her ability to cook and decorate all manner of cakes for family and friends. She is a perfectionist who is only satisfied with the best. I’ve known her to put cakes aside because of the smallest blemish, but I’ve usually ensured that discarded cakes didn’t end up in the bin. Mostly they tasted pretty good to me.

In times past she has undertaken ambitious projects, even a wedding cake with the most elaborate icing decorations. These days, she makes cup cakes and pop cakes which are less demanding for her to do. These edible mouth-watering jewels of creative confectionary miraculously appear on the table at Christmas, Easter and when there are birthdays.

Cup cakes are the grandchildren’s favourites. I have a penchant for them too. If they are left where they can be seen and touched, they mysteriously disappear. For this reason, as soon as they are made, they are packed into special plastic containers where they remain until the appointed time. Finally they are displayed on stands or set out on trays or dishes where they become the centrepiece and focal point of the table.

So, thank your wife. You gladden our hearts and your cakes bring us delight.
Thank your readers for sticking with me.


Paul Mullings said...

Congratulations to you both a magnificent joint effort

Unknown said...

Hello Bill, what a piece of staying power. Thankyou for all your blogs and long may you keep postng them, and thanks very much to your wife for sustaining you with patience and cake. (I have to say, I've more than a passing partiallity for cake, especially a rich fruit cake, served with hot tea and thin slices of stilton)