Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stowage aboard ‘Minnow’

Today I examined the practicalities of stowage aboard ‘Minnow’, and I was pleased with the possibilities. The lazarette will be for items such as warps, fenders, boots, wading shoes, cleaning equipment, toilet paper, the folded stove gimbals, saucepans, frying pan, crockery, and vegetables.

Under floor stowage will be for ground tackle, drinking water, tinned foods and milk.

The side bins will be for items requiring immediate access, such as navigation equipment, the VHF radio, charts, torches, cooker, paper towels, snacks, drinks and personal things such as hats, scarves and gloves.

Soft and dry foods will be kept in a large moveable plastic container at the forward end of the cabin. Beside it to port, there will be a large plastic bucket which may at times have in it the kedge anchor, chain and warp ready to let go at a moment’s notice. At night, I’ll stow the food container under the foredeck, and I’ll strap the bucket to the aft deck. That will leave the floor free for my self-inflating mattress, sleeping bag and pillow. When these items are not being used, they will be stowed in the forepeak.

There’s a good possibility that I may stow my deflated pneumatic kayak, along with her pump, forward of bulkhead two. Her dissembled paddle I’ll probably lash next to the yuloh on the starboard side deck.

Finding a safe place for outboard fuel is always problematical, but providing the containers do not leak, there is no reason why they should not be securely stowed in the compartment forward of the cabin. I shall keep one container in the lazarette within a plastic bowl and along with it a funnel. The smell of petroleum is not pleasant, but if I want an engine I must be prepared to accept it.


Steve Carey said...

It's pretty amazing Bill when you list all the items needed. Works out like a condensed or miniature version of everything needed to run your home.

I still just not sure about having an outboard motor and petrol onboard PUFFIN. What to use for cooking is also proving to be a challenge but I will get there.

Nearly finished the 22" final RC Model and hope to paint her at the weekend. For the full-size boat, I just had delivered a 50 meter roll of 300g Glass Cloth. I've made out the on-line order for RESIN materials and also for the Marine Plywood from Robbins but not clicked send yet. The weather needs to be a bit warmer and lower humidity and then It'll be full steam ahead.


William Serjeant said...


I'm pleased for you that things are looking more hopeful for building the full size Puffin.

This will be the fruition of much effort, many drawings, calculations and the making of several models.

Wishing you all the best; happy days building her, and sailing her.