Thursday, February 06, 2014

Boat Names

Last year when cruising ‘Sandpiper’, I did not have her name displayed on the hull. This anonymity caused a bit of a problem at marinas, because the staff had no means of identifying her.  This year with ‘Minnow’ I do not want that to happen; therefore I have purchased two sets of vinyl letters, one for each side of her bow.

They come from Signs and Graphics*, the same people who supplied letters for ‘Talitha’, my sailing sharpie. Hers were higher and lower case, but for ‘Minnow’ I have chosen higher case, because I think they will be more easily read at a distance. To keep them within the general colour scheme, they are bright orange - similar in colour to the mast and yuloh.

They should arrive in the post within the next two or three days.


Signs and Graphics for Boats

Building ‘Sharpy’ – Part 136 (Boat Name ‘Talitha’)

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