Monday, February 24, 2014

Some Time for ‘Minnow’


There was no way I could work on ‘Minnow’ yesterday, because I was fully occupied, and today, the story was almost the same, but I managed to put in about 40 minutes painting ‘Minnow’s’ ground tackle locker. I applied a second coat of International Pre-Kote to the floor of the locker, and I think two coats will be sufficient for sealing the plywood.

Two anchors, their chains and cables will be stowed in the locker. Every time they are lifted from the water, they will bring aboard a certain amount of water.  Most of it, I’m hoping to catch in a bucket or waterproof container before I stow the anchors etc in the locker.

Today, the bulk of my energy went into obtaining three fence panels from Homebase and setting them into place where old ones and been blown from their supports by strong winds in recent days. I had to dispose of damaged panels, and I thought the best way of getting rid of them was to burn them. By early nightfall the job was finished.  Only a tiny pile of embers marked the spot where they had been consumed by flames.

I’m going to be busy again tomorrow, because I have to prepare a bedroom for an electrician who will be installing additional sockets and a coaxial cable for a TV, but who knows, perhaps I’ll also find some time for ‘Minnow’?

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