Wednesday, February 05, 2014

My mini iPad

 One of the more expensive presents I had for Christmas was an Apple mini iPad. I’ve been exceptionally pleased with it. I particularly enjoy watching videos such as those produced by Sean Mulligan*, featuring his Paradox sailboat, ‘Scout’. By syncing it with my iPhone I’ve transferred a number of Apps, including a FlytoMap navigation system for use at sea and on land.

There’s a good chance that I’ll take it with me when cruising ‘Minnow’. Last year, I relied on my iPhone for all Internet viewing and for communication via emails and texts. If I take the iPad with me I shall be able to do these things on a grander scale when within effective range of a WIFI signal. I am told that if I make arrangements with my mobile phone provider I shall be able to link the phone to my iPad for access to the Internet.

One thing I am not pleased about is that I bought the mini iPad online from a firm that has not honoured their agreement to supply it free of charge, including an exemption of paying import duty. After receiving the mini iPad I was invoiced by the carrier to pay UK Vat at 20% of the price paid. The online company that sold me the tablet advised me to pay the custom duty, and at the same time, they said they would reimburse me. That was two months ago! I have been trying to get the money ever since.

Today, I gave them an ultimatum saying that if they didn’t’ honour their agreement to pay the VAT I would go global by publishing an article here at my blog and by Tweeting on Twitter. They got back to me with an assurance that they would pay me by the end of the week. They have until 16.00 on Friday, 7th February.

If the cash is not transferred to my account by then, I shall do as I promised.


*Sean Mulligan’s YouTube Channel
IPhone Nautical Chart Navigator


Paul Mullings said...

Welcome to the son gave me an iPad for my 60th and I have to say it's become indispensable . Re. using your iPhone as a wifi hotspot see here....

William Serjeant said...


Thanks for the link. I'll make a decision about linking my phone to the mini iPad a week or so before I set off on my cruise - assuming that happens.

You've probably gathered that the UK weather is very unsettled on account of the jetstream being so far south. Realistically, the weather cannot improve unless the jetstream returns to its normal more northerly position.

If gales persist into the spring, I shall not be going cruising - more likely, weekending or for a few days at a time.

We shall see.