Monday, October 01, 2012

Web Links – Multihulls

This links page copied from my old Small Sailboats website gives access to a number of websites featuring small to medium catamarans, trimarans and proas. By providing links to them I do not sanction or recommend any of the vessels, as I have very little experience of multihull sailing.

I owned a Wharram Hina catamaran* that I sailed to France; I also sailed to the Scillies and back as crew aboard an early Prout Shearwater catamaran, and I had two days aboard a F27 trimaran. That sums up my hands on experience with multihulls! Managing the F27 was a terrifying experience for me because of her phenomenal speed. When I was at the helm we touched 16 knots, giving me little time for making decisions as we approached Fowey. Fortunately, the owner and his regular crew managed the sails, so that by the time we entered the harbour, all sails were down and the vessel was under power. 

*’Twinstar’, a Hina Catamaran Astus 20 Trimaran. Bravo with furling sail. Challenger Trimaran. Cross 18. Ducky Inflatable Catamarans. Elf 26. Firebird catamaran. F22 - Farrier 22. Fijian Thamakau Project: A semi-replica sailing canoe. Fritz Roth Proa. Holopuni Canoes. Hydrofoil Sailing Dinghy. Inflatable Catamarans. Janus Catamaran. Magnum Trimaran. Mulithull Plans. Outrigger Sailing Canoes. Outrigger Sailing Canoes (2). Proa na Baltyku - video of beach proa. Proafile Journal. Proa Web Sites. Raptor 16 Proa.;=related&search;= Raptor 16 Proa. Sea Pearl Boats. Tremolino. Triak - Hydrofoil Sailing Canoe. Trimaran Canoe Conversion. Warren 21 ft Proa. Warren 23. Wharram Hina (1) Wharram Hina (2) Windrider Sailing Trimarans. (1) Windrider Sailing Trimarans. (2)

h Windrider . (3) Windrider 17. Windrider 17. (3) Wizard Catamaran.


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