Friday, October 12, 2012

Web Links – Environmental

Until recently when I looked at what used to be my old Small Sailboats website I didn’t really appreciate how many links there were to boat related websites. Thinking about it, maintaining the links pages was the most demanding part, because old sites disappeared and new ones appeared. Every link had to be reviewed on a monthly basis if I was to keep my website in tiptop shape. Doing a daily blog was far less demanding and a hundred percent cheaper!  A blog through Blogger is absolutely free, whereas a website requiring space on a server had to be paid for, and there was a fee for renewing the domain, i.e., the name and address of my website.

Some web links were not directly related to small sailboats, e.g., I had a number that pointed to Environmental sites – websites primarily supporting polices and practices for conserving the planet and its wildlife. Because the oceans of the world cover over 70% of the world’s surface, quite a few of these sites were about marine creatures and their habitats, while the others were concerned with preserving and improving land based environments.

Here is a list of links that did not fall by the wayside since I last maintained them in 2008: Birds are for Watching . Christian Ecology Link. Enviro-Gen 12 Saltwater Generator. Environmentally Friendly Home. Environmental News Network. Friends of the Earth. Habitat's Environmental Initiative. Leave No Trace. Kai Makana - Ocean Education through Action. Marine Conservation Society. Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Ocean Wanderers - Seabirds. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Surfers Against Sewage. Sustainable Green Boat Building. Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society . World Wildlife Fund (WWF UK).

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