Saturday, October 13, 2012

QR Code Reader for iPhones


I have been forced to remove my QR scanme unique code marker that was displayed above. This was because someone successfully set up spammed email notifications informing me that it had been scanned. It's a shame, because I can no longer keep the scanning application on my iPhone; therefore I am unable to scan Quick Reader codes or Barcodes.

Below, is the original blog.

I recently upgraded my iPhone 3G to a 4S. This enables me to can scan barcodes and QR codes to obtain information about products or people using the system. Likewise those who have similar phone scanners can obtain information about me and my blog. I can choose to make my unique QR code available as an avatar image, a ping image on a website, or as a printed image, perhaps on a business card or a letter heading.

These abstract, two-dimensional unique pattern codes can also be a means of linking users to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I am not a fan of these, but I subscribe to Twitter, as I believe it is the least intrusive of the three. Now and again I do a ‘Tweet’ or a ‘Re-Tweet’ - if I feel there is good reason to do so. I have yet to make my first scan, which in due time, will be archived with others on my phone for future use. By clicking any one of them I shall have immediate access to information about the product or person represented by the QR code or barcode. 


iTunes Preview of their Quick Scan – QR Code Reader

How to use QR Codes on Your iphone

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