Thursday, October 04, 2012


Paul from New Zealand recently drew my attention to a small sailboat named ‘Bigornick’. Her designer, Yann Quenet, was inspired to come up with a boat similar to Matt Layden’s Paradox, but with an offset daggerboard in addition to chine runners. Being very creative, his fertile mind developed several hull variations, including those with low profile keels. He also devised a number of sail plans.

His website is highly attractive, being illustrated with colourful drawings. I think you will find the site entertaining and instructive. You might even consider buying plans from Yann, with a view to building one of his boats, which range between a 2.34 metre rowing dinghy and a 6.00 metre offshore sailboat. The principles behind his designs are simplicity, strength, aptness of purpose and speed of building.


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