Sunday, November 13, 2011

Alacrity 19

Alacrity 19 or Vivacity 20?

It is difficult to spot differences between the Alacrity 19 and the Vivacity 20. Both boats were built by the Essex based moulders, Hurley Marine. The LOA of the Vivacity was 20’ 2” and the Alacrity was 18’ 6”. The Alacrity came first and was stretched to become the Vivacity. The smaller boat was designed by Peter Stephenson in 1960, but the Vivacity was designed by D. C. Pollard.

See this link for information about the Vivacity 20:

Statistics for the Alacrity 19

LOA 18’ 6”
LWL 17’ 0”
Beam 6’ 11
Draught 1’ 10”
Displacement 1,450 lbs
Sail Area 150 sq ft
Headroom 4’ 0”
Ballast 530 lbs
Keels Twin Bilge Encapsulated

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Paul Mullings said...

Hi Bill,
Well I never I always thought the Peter Stephenson designed cruiser was built in Leigh-on-Sea by Russell Marine, originally in cold moulded plywood before going to GRP.I have a great book by Denny Desoutter called Small Boat Cruising published in 1964 which lists Russell Marine as the builder of the Alacrity. As an old Leigh boy myself I can clearly remember their yard in Elm Road.
best Regards
P.S. My wife and I have just booked our flights to the UK and will be there on and off through May & June. I would like to think we could catch up for a chat at some time over that period. We will be based at my sisters in Hadleigh so won't be far away.

William Serjeant said...

Hi Paul,

Here are quotes from two websites:

The Alacrity was marketed as a Hurley for one year - 1969. Hurley did not just mould the hulls for Russell Marine but completed the whole yacht ready to take to sea. Russell Marine built them alone after about 1972.

(Earlier ALACRITY models were built by Hurley Marine.) Soon afterward, an extended version called the Vivacity 20 was built, available with either twin or fin keels.

You are right about the original, but shorter Alacrity being made with moulded wood. Where that was done and who did it, I do not know.

I reckon there's a good chance that we shall be able to meet when you come to Hadleigh. I am planning to take my boat somewhere early in the season for camp cruising, perhaps a fortnight at a time, depending on weather.

Best wishes,
Bill. PS Your new boat is a stunner.