Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 16

As I suspected would be the case, I was unable to do any boatbuilding today, but I have a photo from Mr. Anonymous who is building a ‘Sharpy’ in the USA. The photograph shows two unfinished moulded ballast weights for the keel, plus the mould and a pattern for the mould.

Derek’s building plan gives full details of the lifting keel, along with an explanatory note saying that the weights are made from 1.5 millimetre lead flashing. His article about his boat in Water Craft Magazine, number 37, explains that he made a template and cut 96 pieces and glued them together with contact adhesive. This took him a long time, because of the period required for waiting while the glue became touch dry. Fumes were a bit of problem. He would have preferred to have the weights cast at a local foundry, but they would not do it.

Derek gives a cautionary note with the study plans that the boat is suitable for being built by experienced builders who have access to metal working facilities. Apart from the ballast weights, I shall have the stainless steel fittings made professionally. In fact, I’m waiting for a quotation from Belmar Engineering who makes fittings for Fairline and Sunseeker. Those who can do things like turning stainless steel on a lathe will not have a problem, but if you want to avoid the expense of having the metalwork done for you, I feel sure that a determined person will find ways of improvising. Necessity is the mother of invention.


More details about the ballast weights and the keel

Belmar Engineering

Water Craft Magazine (Back Issue for # 37 available for £6.00, including postage)

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