Saturday, December 19, 2009

Duck Punts

Virtually everything I know about West Mersea Duck Punts has been taken from this web site . These long, lean low vessels are built by their owners and they are sailed and raced at West Mersea, Essex. I feel it’s a shame they are not more widespread, because it’s obvious they are a lot of fun for their owners. There would appear to be 19 of them. I note that Ed Phillips who lives at Walton, asked a question through the comments page on 10th June about the availability of plans for building a punt, but sadly, no one has replied to his question. The simplicity of the open boat with a basic spritsail incorporating a boom appeals to me. She is steered with a short paddle, and she does not have leeboards or a keel. Lateral resistance comes from the hull shape - very much as per Matt Layden’s Paradox, except there are no chine runners. Punts of the types by John Milgate and Bill Wyatt are permitted to race during the Autumn, Winter and Spring series. They can be rigged with Duck Punt or Optimist sails. The length of a steering oar is approximately the same as the distance between the helmsman’s nose and his feet. Lifejackets must be worn when racing. Points are awarded to boats, not helmsmen. The subscription for racers is £20.00 a year which pays for ‘tucker’, including hot ‘tuddy’, prizes and the lay-up supper.


Punting at Old Hall

Duck Punt Racing at West Mersea

Keep Turning Left Chat with the owner of Duck Punt 17, Dave Allen ‘Warspite’


Rusty Knorr said...

Hi Bill, I just finished my Duck Punt build. Check out my blog at-


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Hi Rusty,

Looks as though you are having a lot of fun.

Great stuff.

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