Monday, December 21, 2009

Bill Churchouse at the finish 2008
Bill Churchouse with 'Belgean'
Bill Churchouse with trophies
'Annie's Magic'- Westerly 22 for sale

‘Belgean' - Westerly 22

On Thursday, 19th July, 2007 Al Law and I sailed our Paradox micro-sailboats into the Exe estuary at the end of a glorious cruise to the Scilly Isles. On the rising tide we used the current to make our way to the river bank at Imperial Park. As we set our anchors, a tanned, sprightly figure clad in shorts and blue welly boots waded in the shallow water towards us. He introduced himself as Bill Churchouse, and the name clicked straight away; I knew he was one of the Jester Challenge sailors who owned ‘Belgean’, a 40 year old Westerly 22. Immediately we were into chatting about boats as if we had been friends for years. Bill was living aboard his smart bilge keel cruiser which he kept at anchor on the nearby sandbank. For six months of the year he lives aboard his beloved sloop and the other six months he earns his keep by working for a millionaire who uses his various skills. Complete with dome and servo-pendulum self-steering gear, ‘Belgean’ looked great.

Looking at the Jester Challenge web site I note that Bill Churchouse came in 25th place out of 28 competitors to finish in the 2008 Jester Azores Challenge. Thirteen starters retired and one sailed to Ponta Delgada. Bill is looking forward to the 2010 trans-Atlantic Jester Challenge due to start on 23rd May. This will be a great spectacle with 93 entries so far.


The Westerly Web Site states:

The Westerly 22, from which the Company took its name was our very first design back in 1963. Westerly was then Commander Rayner's company and the 22 was a development of the plywood West Coaster. The 22 was followed in 1964 by the Westerly 25. Both had simple, open plan layouts and were powered by Gunter rigs and outboard engines (typically the lovely old Evinrude's with their wonderful 'Henry Moore' shapes). There was also an optional Bermudan rig which soon replaced the Gunter in popularity.

Specification of a Westerly 22

LOA 22’ 3”

LWL 18’ 4”

Beam 7’ 5”

Draft 2’ 3”


Jester Challenge

‘Annie’s Magic’ for Sale 1964 @ £ 2,960


Louisa said...

Hi Bill, would you mind if I contacted you about this article? Apologies for my vagueness but it will become clearer if you could PM me.

William Serjeant said...

Hi, I'm sorry, but I don't know how to private message you. Give me the information and I'll see what I can do.

Good luck with your Azores challenge aboard your Invicta, Lousia.