Monday, August 31, 2009

The Ubiquitous Gnome

One thing is certain; gnomes really exist! They are not purely creatures of folklore. Wherever you go, West or East, North or South, they pop up in the most unexpected places. Yesterday afternoon I took a stroll beside the River Crouch with the purpose of inhaling fresh air to alleviate sniffling brought on by a cold. As I compared riverside properties, some luxurious and others modest, I came across a garden populated with all manner of ‘little folk’. There were two country gentlemen seated on benches, while apparently admiring neatly trimmed hedges, precisely cut boarders and colourful displays of flowers. A closer inspection of these folk, led me to believe they were being mesmerized by the vibrant red, pink, orange and blue flowers. Five dogs, a squirrel and a policeman stood motionless, as if they were held by the spell of a wicked witch. Strategically placed, in the near corner of the garden, where he could survey the whole scene, sat The Ubiquitous Gnome in a comfortable armchair. Beyond him, almost hidden behind purple fuchsias, there was a tiny leprechaun-like creature with pointed ears and a conical hat. His whole demeanour gave me the impression he was a very simple chap. Impulsively, I pointed my camera and pushed the button, whereupon I was immediately transformed into a gnome, by what power or by what means, I could not tell.

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