Friday, August 07, 2009

Global Mindset

Will a global mindset regarding the consequences of global warming be possible, and if so, is it too late to bring about an effective change to the production of anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations? Al Gore’s film, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’* rams home the point of view that there is a very limited period for success, and it spells out the dire consequences of mankind’s failure.
I am usually of an optimistic disposition, but on this issue wherever I look in my local area I see so little response by way of people actually doing anything to make a difference to the emission of greenhouse gasses. If I am Mr Average Essex Man I use my ancient car every day of the year, i.e., 365 times a year to do approximately 11,000 miles, which works out at 30.14 miles a day. That means it belches out lot of carbon dioxide. Records show that a cow emits by belching and farting between 80kg and 120kg of methane a year, which is equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of an average family car. Both carbon dioxide and methane gas cause global warming, and added to that, wetlands throughout the world are by far the biggest producers of methane emissions.
Our puny efforts at recycling are insignificant by comparison, and the fast industrializing of emerging countries such as China and India can give little hope. Vast quantities of coal are used in these countries, with the consequential pollution of the atmosphere. Animal species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate and we are seemingly powerless to do anything about it. Well meaning people like Roz Savage* who is currently rowing the Pacific and headed for Tuvala, an island that will disappear when the waters of the oceans rise, makes her case for conservation and preservation of the world’s oceans. Like Al Gore she is passionate about all of us making a difference. I only wish I could share their enthusiasm and believe as they do that by creating a world-wide mindset which leads to action, mankind would prevail.
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