Saturday, August 29, 2009

Exotic Fruit and Vegetables

I don’t think there’s ever been a better time for UK residents to taste exotic fruit and vegetables. In all the cities and major towns you can find Asian or Indian shops specializing in varieties from all around the world. This morning my wife wanted half a dozen mangos, so I took her to her favourite shop packed with produce from different countries. In addition to the honey mangos of her choice there were a huge variety of colourful fruit, the names of which I do not know, but I noted that they originated in places from as far away as Brazil, Costa Rica, Pakistan and from nearer to home, Cyprus. I suppose some fruit such as bananas arrive here by boat, while others come by plane or perhaps by road, if from Europe. I was amazed at the wide choice of intriguing items, and to remind me, I took photos of them. Even bigger suppliers, like Tesco*, Sainsbury’s and their competitors cash in on the market by importing fruit and vegetables from foreign lands to satisfy demand from ethnic communities who trace their origins and cultures back to the lands where the produce grows.


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