Friday, May 22, 2015

Prelude, an Ian Proctor Small Sailboat - Part 2

Ian Proctor is well known for designing small sailing boats: both dinghies and cruisers. Perhaps his most versatile boat is the Wayferer, of which over 10,800 have been built. He designed the plywood Seagull and her bigger sister, the Seamew for the Bell Woodworking Company. Afterwards he designed a number of of GRP cruisers, including the Nimrod, the Eclipse, the Pirate and the Prelude.

The boat featured here is his Prelude 19. 300 were built by Rydgeway Marine, and 208 by Pegasus. Ridgeway Marine’s brochure states that three keel types were available: deep fin, (3’ 9”) swing keel, (2’ 0” to 4’ 6”) and bilge keels. (2’ 3”) New owners could choose to have a standard rig, which was the normal choice for cruising, or a masthead rig for racing. The latter has four headsails - one more than the standard rig.

Both versions have four berths, a galley and a sea toilet. There are lockers under all berths, and two large lockers either side of her spacious self-draining cockpit. Internal mouldings make for a clean and maintenance free interior. Headlining throughout eliminates condensation.

All in all, she’s a smart cruiser/racer, giving good value for money.


LOA                        19’ 3”
LWL                        17’ 0”
Beam                       6’ 10”


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Stephen Mundane said...

Most useful -- thanks again Bill. Plus I now know that "purjehdusta" is Finnish for sailing, thanks to your video links on part one!