Sunday, May 17, 2015

Curlew 9 Sailing Dinghy

I can find very little information on the Net about this 9’ Clark Craft sailing dinghy. She can be built from two-and-a-half sheets of quarter inch plywood resulting in a boat weighing only 100 lbs. With a beam of four feet she should be quite stable and very suitable for single-handed sailing.

Photographs above have been ‘borrowed’ from a recent advert at Ebay. I was surprised she was not sold, and I have been looking for a repeat advert. So far she has not been re-advertised.

I like the Gunter rig which allows the spars and sails to be stowed in the boat. She looks jaunty and she has a bit of character.


Curlew 9


Brian said...

Selway Fisher Westray 9' is a super little sailing dinghy. There was one at Keyhaven and I really liked it. Two of the pictures show the Keyhaven boat at Newton. 3 sheets of 1/4"

William Serjeant said...

Thanks again Brian. You are very encouraging.

Yes, I like the Westray 9. However, at the moment I can't see myself building one - a shame, but there it is.


Ciaran said...

I built one of these PW Blandford designed Curlews in my teens in Ireland. I have very happy memories both of the build and of learning to sail in her. She had a bit of lee helm but at the time I did not understand what that was. I still have the plans and of course the photos. I see that Clarkcraft still offer the plans. happy days!

Jane said...

I had a Curlew - my first dinghy, which I loved and had many happy times sailing her on West Kirby Marine lake on the Wirral. Aged 11 she was so easy to rig and light to handle I could easily sail her single handed.