Sunday, May 03, 2015

Model RC Yachts

The previous two articles were about very small yachts capable of being sailed solo. This short article focuses on even smaller yachts - radio controlled (RC) model yachts.

Until Googling the Net, I didn’t’ realise there were so many enthusiasts who regularly race RC yachts. One of the cheaper, user-friendly models for a beginner is the Micro Magic.* Perhaps the most popular choice for experienced RC yacht sailors is the International One Metre.

For more information, visit some of the websites listed below.


Classes of RC Yachts

*Micro Magic Class

UK Micro Magic Class Association

Micro Magic International

International One Metre Class

One Metre Class Yacht Plans

International One Metre Class Development (PDF)

Model Yachting Association

Firstimer’s Guide to setting up a Metre Boat

Cornwall Model Boats – Sailing Yachts

Westbourne Model Yachts

Model Yachts Palm Beach

International One Metre World Championships 2011 – A Fleet – Race 22

Radio Sailing

Radio Controlled Yachts

Reading Sailing Club - Model Yachts

Sedgemoor Model Boat Club


Alden Smith said...

I think the yellow yacht in the second photo looks a real cracker!

I have just completed the book by John Leather "Albert Strange, Yacht Designer and Artist" - a really great read. It was interesting to read how involved he was in the designing and sailing of model yachts in the UK, and it's interesting to see from your blogpost that all this still going strong!!

Unknown said...

Hello Bill
I have been following your log for some time and was surprised that you didnt know how popular radio controlled model yacht sailing was,I am also surprised that you havnt given it a try !I would highly recomend that you build a model yacht and try it there are so many plans out there,you could even build a model of one of your previos boats and put radio controll in it,you dont have to race .I had a hip replacement 10 years ago and couldnt sail so got a one metre and have been sailing it since,I sail it when I cant sail my big boat particularly in the winter !