Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nicholson 32

In September 2011 I wrote a short article about a Nicholson 32* that was advertised for sale at Clarke and Carter, Burnham Yacht Harbour. Today there seems to be no shortage of these second-hand yachts for sale.  Three of them are currently advertised by the same broker, ranging in price; there’s a Mk 1V at £16,750 (see photos above) and a 1972 version - probably a Mk V111 at £21,000.

These yachts are going to be around for a long time because they are so well built. Their proven track record for reliable, safe cruising will help keep their value.

*Nicholson 32

Nicholson 32 Mk V (1968) for Sale £16,750

Nicholson 32 (1972) for Sale £21,000

Nicholson 32 MK 1V (1967) for Sale £17,950

Nicholson 32 Association
History of the Nicholson 32

Nicholson 32 Yachtsnet Archives (Details and Photos)

Nicholson 32 (Sold, but good photos and a video**)

**YouTube Video mentioned above (Annoying gull commentary and giddy cameraman feels queasy)

Nicholson 32 Stats presented by Sailboatdata.com

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Alden Smith said...

There are a couple of these N32s here in NZ. One of them completed a Cape Horn voyage (and survived) Nice solid capable cruising boats - and very good value for money.