Saturday, October 22, 2011

Snapshots at Hullbridge

On the afternoon of Wednesday, 12th October 2011, I walked along the footpath beside the River Crouch at Hullbridge. The autumn sun shone with bright clarity; colours were vibrant and the air was pleasantly warm. Instead of heading east, as was my custom, I took the path westwards where shadows were cast by the overhanging trees of Kendal Park, a local nature reserve. My eyes adjusted to the dim light, and to my right, openings in the foliage revealed yachts at their moorings. I could almost have been fooled into thinking I was beside the Helford River in Cornwall, apart from the lack of high land on either side of the river.

Continuing, I emerged into the sunlight where the path joined the Esplanade, a cul-de-sac with classy properties and riverside jetties, some with yachts moored to them and others without. The ebb had not long started to run, and to the north on the other side of the river, Fenn Creek snaked away towards the village of South Woodham Ferrers.

For some unaccountable reason I was the only person walking the path. I had expected at least a dog walker, but none was to be seen. I was thankful that was the case, since I am wary of dogs, because I had a bad experience when I was young. I was attacked by one that bit me on the leg and shredded my trousers. Ever since, I’ve found difficulty in being at ease in the presence of a dog.

My aim was to gently exercise my body and free my mind before returning home for a short snooze, and I had no intention of turning the walk into a marathon; therefore I went no further than another half-a- mile to where pylons support a highly-charged electric cable that crosses the river. As I approached the pylon on my side of the river I could hear a sizzling sound from above, and I wondered if the associated electromagnetic energy would in any way affect my mobile phone. Thereupon I purposefully turned around and made my way back towards the village, but to my trepidation a dog walker was coming along the path. By experience, I have learnt that if I indicate to a dog by my body language that I am not in the least interested in it, the animal will ignore me. This has worked every time.

I was somewhat relieved when we passed without incident. The gentleman and his dogs were soon behind me, with the gap between us ever-widening. Almost subconsciously while on my walk I had been taking snapshots with my camera. This I habitually carry in my trouser pocket as a handy means of recording the appearance of things that interest me. Back at home, and after my snooze, I linked the camera to my computer for viewing the captured images. The better ones are reproduced here for your enjoyment.

Text for the Day

Revelation 21:23 ‘The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God illuminated it.’


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