Sunday, July 03, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 133


The order of the day was ‘attention to detail’. I fitted the chandlery bits and pieces. These are crucial for making the boat work. I have selected four photos that illustrate some of them. I’m keeping four more in reserve, perhaps for tomorrow.

Keel haul line

The boat is more or less finished. Her keel haul system is in place; all her rigging bits are there; the rudder is operational, including the bungee downhaul, and I’ve even found temporary stowage for the paddle. The boat has a bow painter that will be part of an anchoring system. I shall not be fitting a stern painter; instead, I shall have a line that I can attach to a point in the cockpit. This will be useful when coming alongside a pontoon for quickly making the boat fast to it.

Keel retaining line fitted to aft end of keel box

If circumstances allow me to take ‘Sharpy’ outside tomorrow, I shall set everything up, including stepping her mast and inserting her keel.

Rudder bungee under tension

After that, I’ll concentrate on making the trailer roadworthy.

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