Friday, July 15, 2011

At a Loss

The beginning of a new relationship. (Photo copyright of Peter Howard)

There is almost a feeling of bereavement with the loss of building a boat. I no longer have a task to undertake; no more do I have to solve a new problem, or overcome a difficulty. There is nothing to satisfy my creative urge. I can only look at the new baby that has been born and wonder what sort of life she will have. Will she spend most of her time tucked away in the recesses of a garage or will she delight in frequently dancing upon sparkling waters? Will she have many owners or just a few before her inevitable demise; for all things that come to life must eventually die? Will she enjoy her days and be cherished by those who possess her?

She is now my responsibility. In the past I have been a flirt who has had several mistresses - just one at a time, you understand! I do have some principles, after all. Those to whom I have sold my fleeting possessions may have been more faithful and caring than me.

Shall I keep ‘Talitha’ until I leave this life, or shall I run true to form and part with her to the next highest bidder? Who knows? But one thing is for sure; I want to explore my new mistresses’ potential. How capable is she at coping with the East Coast Rivers? How would she handle on a short coastal passage? Can she carry enough gear for lightweight camping?

There are many things to discover about her, and it is these that will give me pleasure while making me forget my bereavement, until perhaps an urge for a new mistress makes itself felt with a desire to start all over again.


Sabarob said...

Nice job Bill,I hope you have a lasting relationship !!!!!!!!!!!
How does it feel sailing such a small narow boat with a keel ?
I have a couple of sailing kayaks with outriggers and they sail like multihulls.Your boat must sail more like a monohull good upwind.Keep us posted on her sailing qualities ?
Regards Rob.

Fernando Costa said...

Bravo master Bill! You are a champion! Very very glad to see you on board of your brand new Sharpy! I will write about you again in my log. Have a nice WE!

William Serjeant said...


She is a narrow boat, but she feels very secure. When sailing to windward, at a point just before the water reaches her side deck she stiffens and continues sailing.

Despite the angle of heel, she's surprisingly comfortable, especially with her thick vinyl cushion and padded backrest.


William Serjeant said...

Thanks Fernando,

'Talitha' is finished.

I may make a trolley to get her from her road trailer to the water, after fitting her keel.

Best wishes,