Monday, June 06, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 108

Hook for the rudder bungee line and bracket for the fixed end of the mainsheet

There was heavy rain this morning which meant I could not move the boat into the open for trying the mast and making the outer stem post. Instead I checked what was required by way of hardware and ropes to complete ‘Sharpy’. I calculated that I would have to buy 10 metres of 6 millimetre rope for the keel pulley system, 12 metres of 4 millimetre for the lifting handles, mast retainer, kicker and the outhaul, plus 3 metres of thin line for attaching the sail to the spars. One more pulley was needed for the mainsheet and a cleat for the outhaul. I also wanted a bracket for the fixed end of the mainsheet and four small bolts with their nuts and washers. Along with the single blade paddle I had ordered and two pots of paint for the exterior of the boat, I calculated the bill would be in the region of £100.00. It actually amounted to £98.80!

On the way home from the chandlers I consoled myself that the bill would have been higher, had I to buy a halyard and a mainsheet, but I found suitable ropes for them in my bosun’s locker where I also found more rope for the painters.

Because of delays getting to the chandlers there was very little time for doing anything on the boat, but I managed to attach a hook to the aft deck for the rudder bungee line and a bracket for the fixed end of the mainsheet.

If the weather improves I’ll be able to work out of doors which will enable me to make and fix the rubbing strips, the outer stem post, and epoxy tapes to both chines.

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