Sunday, June 05, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 107

Coamings after sanding

Yesterday I was not happy with my messy epoxy filleting around the coamings and the mast collar, but today, after much sanding, I am pleased with the result. In fact, they have come out well.

Collar after sanding

I’m undecided about varnishing ‘Sharpy’s’ decks. Most likely, I’ll paint them the same colour as the hull.

Tomorrow I plan on collecting a single blade paddle I ordered from the chandlers, and at the same time buy paint for the exterior of the boat. I shall also purchase ropes for the sail, the mainsheet and halyard.

Having obtained the paddle I shall work out where to store it when not in use. Perhaps it could be kept on the port foredeck? I’ll possibly devise a system for retaining it on the deck – maybe a wooden bracket for the blade and a strop for the handle. That, of course, would mean more woodwork before I can start the painting.

The outer stem post has to be made and fixed in place. A toggle handle is shown on the plans with its rope passing through a hole in the stem post. I could always tie a painter to the toggle for when I come alongside a pontoon or jetty. I think there should also be a stern painter. A small sausage fender could be deployed between the side lifting handles.

As I shall be sailing ‘Sharpy’ on the tidal waters of the River Crouch I shall most likely get hold of a small anchor because there are places where I shall not be able to reach the banks because of soft mud, and I may need to rest or just not lose ground because of lack of wind or energy for paddling against the current.


Brian said...

Getting there Bill. Your resolve is inspiring.
here's a picture of how my long double paddle, which one part can also be used as a single, is stored on the foredeck. The shaft is held by an elastic from the gunnel in two places and then goes over the shaft and fixes on a button on the upper cockpit side.

Paul Mullings said...

Hi Bill, my goodness you are making good progress - well done I envy your energy! Kayak fishing is very popular out here and I thought some of their specialized gear ideas may be of use to you?

William Serjeant said...

Hi Brian,

I like the simplicity of the paddle stowage system. I may be able to devise something similar.

Thanks very much for your suggestion.


William Serjeant said...


Thank you. There are some excellent bits of gear there. I particularly like the trolleys.

I have yet to explore the possibility of stowing a tent on the aft deck, and one of the waterpoof bags could be very useful for that purpose.

Best wishes,