Sunday, March 06, 2011

YouTube Favourites

Ghost of 'Foncia' sailing at speed. For the real thing visit:

YouTube has made a vast contribution to what is available for surfers of the Internet. Instead of static two-dimensional photos, the elements of three-dimensional movement, depth and colour greatly enriches our experience. For those of us have a good Broadband connection, we can watch High-Definition (HD) quality moving images on selected videos, i.e., videos created with an HD digital video camera running 720p, such as the Sanyo Xacti VPC – HD2. To watch HD on your computer you will need a Flash Player 10 or later version installed.

I have a lot of fun watching exciting YouTube clips featuring fast sailing vessels. These are often promotional films produced by professional cameramen for the purpose of publicizing sponsors who contribute towards the costs of building and maintaining yachts that participate in Ocean races, regattas and International events.

Here are links to some of my favourite YouTube videos – They are all videos of trimarans with the exception of one:

Trimaran 60 pieds – the trimaran ‘Foncia’ 3 years ago

Trimaran 60 pieds avec Alain Gautier – another one of ‘Foncia’ 2 years ago

Sailing the Extreme Trimaran Sodeb'O

Francis Joyon The Globe Killer 3 years ago

Hydroptere - world sailing record - 51 knots 1 year ago

Barcelona World Race: Feb 8 - Virbac Paprec3 Water and Wind 3 weeks ago

Maxi Tri Banque Populaire V at Very High Speed

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