Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 46

I didn’t get a great deal done today on building the boat, but I managed to cut six more pieces of lead for the keel weights. I also checked the dimensions of the port weight and weighed it.

The port weight currently consists of 36 pieces laminated together with Evo-stik and it weighs 29.5 lbs. According the building plan the weight should be 33 lbs, which means there is a shortfall of 3.5 lbs; therefore I would need to add another 4 pieces. A thickness of 40 laminates would equal almost 57 mm - the amount shown on the plans for the part of the ballast retaining pin that would clamp the weight to the keel.

It seems to me that I shall need to add 4 extra pieces of lead to the port weight.

From the above findings the actual thickness of the lead flashing is 1.44 millimetres and as the thickness of the starboard weight will need to be 67 millimetres I shall require a total of 47 pieces to make it. One piece of lead weighs 0.8194444 lbs, which means the weight of the starboard ballast weight would be 38.5 lbs, nearly the 40 lbs as shown on the plan.

I have available a total of 46 unused pieces. In order to finish both the port and starboard weights I shall have to cut another 5 pieces. I’m hoping I shall have enough lead flashing to finish the weights.

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