Saturday, March 05, 2011

Happy Cat Inflatable Catamarans

Happy Cat Vision

In response to my article on the MiniCat 310 on 28th February, Paul Mullings kindly sent me a link to the home page of Grabner Sports who market two versions of their Happy Cat inflatable catamarans. Their longest running production boat is the Happy Cat Light; she has less sail area and a shorter mast than the 2011 boat, the Happy Cat Vision. The Light version is advertised as being suitable for beginners to experienced sailors. Although the hulls of both models are identical, the Vision is set up for more efficient sailing. With an extra 20% sail area and improved sail design, she is more of a performance boat that can be sailed to the limit by those seeking excitement.

Both boats meet the criteria for Category C vessels which means they are deemed to be suitable for use on lakes and coastal waters up to Beaufort Force 6. However, there is a caveat that in winds exceeding Force 4, they should be reefed. That may pose a problem for the Happy Cat Vision, because her mainsail does not have reef points. Perhaps her foresail would need to be taken in.


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