Thursday, March 17, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ 43

Placing the template

Yesterday it took me an hour to make 18 lead pieces for the keel weights. That was one every three minutes and twenty seconds. Today I made 30 in two and a quarter hours, which work out at one in a little under six minutes. Altogether, including previous ones, I have 76 pieces which may be close to the number I shall need for completing the weights.

I shall have to laminate a number of them together by bonding them with Evo-stik, so that I can measure their thickness. By using that measurement I shall be able to calculate exactly how many lead pieces I shall require for finishing the weights.

The above photo illustrates how I placed the template on the lead flashing to achieve the maximum number of shapes that could be cut from a 6 meter roll, i.e., 28.

Cuttings left over to date

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