Thursday, September 17, 2015

PD Racer Types


Don Elliott's Illusion

Don Elliott's Illusion Profile Drawing

Further to my article of yesterday about ‘Gorfnik’ I’m adding a few links that will take readers to websites featuring similar boats. Thank you Brian for providing your links in yesterday’s Comments section.

The history of this type of micro-sailboat must go back to Derek Van Loan’s ‘Sleeper’,* the "Swiss Army Knife of Boats", or possibly a cabin version of Bolger’s ‘Brick’ – I’m not sure which came first.

There’s a chap who added a deck to an Optimist dinghy that he uses for cruising, but I can’t find information about his exploits. Does anybody have any knowledge of him and his boat? I thought I saw a video on YouTube showing the boat under sail, but I can’t find it.

Other Links

‘Gorfnik’ Paraduck

Ocean Explorer

Konnevesi 011

OozeGooze PD Goose version of an Ocean Explorer – Metric Plans from Duckworks

History of the Puddle Duck Racer

My Bolger Brick Dinghy

Bolger Brick ‘Tetard’

Bolger Brick
Building a Bolger Brick – Part 1

Optimist (Dinghy)

Gopro: Extreme Optimist Sailing

Don Elliott’s ‘Illusion’


Alden Smith said...

Bill, the photo of 'Sleeper' sure bought back some memories for me. I found her on the internet years ago and still have the photo and information about her somewhere in an old tattered manilla folder. She is the closest thing to a 'boat as box' I have ever seen, but apparently she sails as good as any scow of her length! AND you can sleep in her. She proves once again that you don't have to have huge amounts of money to enjoy sailing and all that a marine environment has to offer (in this case in sheltered waters).

Brian said...

This design just turned up on my Duckworks Facebook feed. Similar boxboat style, with a low cabin, rather sweet inland/protected waters.