Thursday, March 05, 2015

Sportina 730

This 7.3 metre trailer sailer at Burnham Yacht Harbour was designed by the Andrzej Skrzat* and she was built by Delphia Yachts in Poland. As you can see from the photos, she’s in a bit of a state.

A top-notch second-hand Sportina 730 may be had for about £17,000, inclusive of a four-wheel trailer.  ‘Little Minx’ doesn’t appear to be for sale, but if she were, I doubt you could get her for less than £5,000. One in pretty good nick was recently on auction at **Ebay, but she didn’t sell at the highest bid of £4,100 because she didn’t reach the reserve price. The ‘buy it now’ price was £11,950.

**Sportina 730 at Ebay on 11th February, 2015

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1 comment:

Alden Smith said...

Great boat for a certain type of cruising. I think I might get tired of towing it on a trailer BUT sure would save on antifouling paint!