Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wisdom – Part 2

A grandson of mine, in his mid-twenties, was in conversation at last Sunday’s barbecue, and he quite proudly stated that he was a lot wiser than he was in his youth. No doubt this is true, and if he continues to grow in wisdom, he and others will reap the benefits.

In the New King James Version of the Bible’s Exhaustive Concordance*, wisdom has 227 occurrences, which underscores the importance of the subject within the context of God’s word. God’s word is far more than an encyclopaedia; it is His instruction book for those who want to know the meaning and purpose of life. So often, we try things without first consulting the manual, and in the end, we have to accept that we should have read it first.

Within the Book of Job, Chapter 28, Job has a discourse on the nature of wisdom, and the conclusion he comes to is that ONLY God is truly wise. Man can search for wisdom in the deepest recesses of the earth; he can apply great energy in his quest to obtain it, and he can even try to purchase it, but in the end his endeavours are to no avail.

 Job asks the question, “From where then does wisdom come?” He concludes that only God understands its way and it place. In His wisdom and sovereignty He established, ‘a weight for the wind’, apportioned ‘the waters by measure’; ‘made a law for the rain, and a path for the thunderbolt’; ‘He saw wisdom and declared it’; ‘and to man He said, “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding.”’ (Verse 28)

*NKJV Exhaustive Concordance, published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville. ISBN 0-8407-4261-4 (HC)



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