Sunday, June 22, 2014

Round the Island Race 2014 – Part 2

‘Team Richard Mille’ and ‘Spax Solution’, both GC 32 catamarans, were first and second to cross the finish line of the Round the Island Race, yesterday, 21st June, 2014. ‘Team Richard Mille’ completed the 50 nautical mile course in 8 hrs 51 min 37 sec, and ‘Spax Solution’ finished 13 min 32 sec behind her.

These 12 metre catamarans have two L shaped foil daggerboards and two T foil rudders capable of lifting the boats clear of the water, enabling them to reach speeds in excess of 30 knots. Weighing only 750 kilograms and having a maximum sail area of 150 square metres they must be tremendously exciting to sail.

Paul Campbell at the helm of ‘Team Richard Mille’ had hoped he and his team would be able to break Ben Ainslie’s record of 2 hrs 52 min 15 sec, but conditions were not favourable, presumably on account of low wind speeds. 


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