Saturday, March 01, 2014

That Time of Year Again

Has spring come early? A warm winter appears to have precipitated spring.

Flowers in my garden are blooming and blue tits are taking an interest in the bird box, although they should not be doing so until mid April when they normally start breeding.

My wife wants the back bedroom decorated; therefore bits of furniture have been moved to the landing and elsewhere. I’ve been preparing walls, covings and the ceiling for painting.

I have a month in which to finish decorating the house and to sort the garden. The lawns are far too soggy, which means I’ll have to be patient for them to dry. Hopefully there will be many sunny days to come.

There are a number of jobs I must do on ‘Minnow’ before launching her.

All in all, the next few weeks will be busy.


Blue Tit

Blue Tit


Bursledon Blogger said...

I was amazed yesterday in a sheltered and sunny warsash to see that May flowers were out

William Serjeant said...


You have a microclimate there bolstered by a warmer than usual winter.